Privacy policy summarized (TL;DR;)

This website does not use cookies nor any technology that allows individual user tracking. As a visitor:

  • No personal information is collected.
  • No information is stored in the browser, like cookies.
  • No information is shared or sold to third-parties.
  • No information is shared with marketing companies.
  • No information can be harvested from personal or behavioral trends.
  • No information is monetized.

In this website, we use two concrete technologies:

Collected information

With Plausible: data is collected in an aggregated way, not constituting personal information, including top visited web pages, duration of the visit, devices information, among other.

With Cloudflare: it can include, but not limited to, IP addresses, system configuration and other information regarding the traffic sent from our website and the devices and/or networks. All this information is treated as log data.

How this information is used

The information gathered with Plausible is managed in our own servers, as it does not include any type of personal data. This information is used to obtain anonymous statistics about the website visits: top visited web pages, country location, operating systems and used browsers. All this information does not allow us to identify any individual person.

The information obtained by Cloudflare is managed by the company itself to manage the CDN service, which distributes the content of this website and allows its operation. All the mentioned data is collected as log data.

Legal note