Hello World! I have a new side project: #52challenge

This is the first of the 52 posts I will publish during 2021. Along this new year I decided to face a personal challenge of writing one post a week. Why?

I need a reason, do I?

New year, new challenges. Actually, I have never been a person that minds traditions such as making a list of new year’s resolutions. Well, as we all know, this past year everything has changed, so I made the decision to start the year from another perspective.

Sometimes people like me need to have a purpose. I mean, a purpose of getting something done, and the feeling that the project you are working on has an objective. Usually this sort of people do not realise that not having an objective is the origin of the problem of finishing our project as we get tired of it.

So I have chosen to start my 2021 making a list.

The reason: the impossible list

This is the one known as impossible list. At least, this is how Joel Runyon1 names it. The important thing is that impossible does not mean there is no way you can achieve objectives you put on it, but it means that you or others may find them a big project. Say… near impossible.

New Year 2021 goals

Image: New year, new goals.

Even more important for me: this impossible list can contain anything I have the ambition to do, although it does not get finally done. This means you can choose whatever you want to work on at the same time.

What is more, each of the elements in the list has to be clear, concrete and traceable. For example, writing a weekly post during a whole year or other personal aims like visiting 50 countries. Well, from these two concrete examples, I think I have started with the most difficult for me :D.

What I will write about

So far I have used this blog as a landing page, although I have written a couple of posts you may find interesting or useful.

My plan is the same, writing about

  • Computer Science projects
  • Information Security tools and research
  • What is more important: General Internet and Cybersecurity knowledge

This is what I do not expect

This is not a project to achieve big numbers. I do not expect a big audience but a challenge to make me research and share knowledge that someone can find useful.

I expect learning by teaching

As I said before, I will not always be technical.

Sharing computer knowledge

Image: Sharing cybersecurity and IT knowledge.

Whereas I will be writing of technical knowledge and stuff I found interesting, I will sometimes go non-technical to help people with daily problems they face we face. This goes from using digital certificates to configure your home router securely.

Sharing knowledge with people made me grow during my volunteerings. I strongly believe that, nowadays, people need to understand Internet and computers as they are their daily basis. There are many organisations I will talk about that do this in a big scale by empowering people.

A much minor scale, with modesty, I want to do my part to contribute.

Obri! I hope you enjoy them!